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Keep track of spare parts, tools, equipment, inventory and much more with a simple scan.

Asset Management

m1Barcoding enables facility managers to optimize their operations, improve accountability, and make informed decisions based on accurate asset data. By assigning a unique barcode to each asset, you gain the ability to track and manage inventory efficiently. Technicians can easily scan and retrieve important information such as warranties, parts, vendor details, and maintenance schedules. This helps maintain data accuracy, avoid equipment downtime, and prolong the lifespan of your assets for greater profitability.

Inventory Control

Keeping track of your inventory has been made simpler than ever before. You can effortlessly monitor your supplies and be assured that you will never be out of stock with automated low-inventory email notifications. By establishing threshold levels, your inventory storage area will be well-organized, and you will reduce wastage.

Other Uses

Barcodes aren't just for equipment and inventory. They can be used effectively in other scenarios.

Space Management

Barcoding can be employed to manage and track the utilization of spaces within a facility. Barcodes can be placed on walls, rooms, and in specific locations, allowing for easy identification and tracking of space usage, occupancy rates, and allocations.

Energy Management

Barcodes can be applied to energy meters or control panels to facilitate accurate tracking and monitoring of energy usage within a facility. This helps identify consumption patterns, optimize energy efficiency, and track utility costs.

Compliance & Audits

Barcodes can play a crucial role in compliance management and audits. By placing barcodes on critical assets, safety equipment, and in compliance-related areas, organizations can ensure that all required inspections and audits are conducted and documented appropriately.

Key & Access Control

Barcodes can be applied to keys and access cards, allowing for easy tracking, management, and control of access within a facility. This helps monitor key usage, track access to restricted areas, and enhance security.

Hazardous Material Tracking

Barcodes can be used to track hazardous materials within a facility, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and proper handling. Each hazardous material container can be labeled with a barcode, allowing for easy identification, monitoring of quantities, and tracking of disposal processes.

Parking Management

The use of barcoding can revolutionize parking management within a facility. By affixing barcodes to parking permits or tickets, entry and exit can be streamlined, enabling effortless tracking of parking usage and distribution.

m1Barcoding offers a flexible and efficient tracking, identification, and data management solution across diverse scenarios.

m1Encompass Barcode Services

Multi-platform Compatibility

m1Encompass offers the versatility of pairing with any computer, phone, or tablet, along with a barcode printer, facilitating seamless operation.

m1Encompass Utilization

Access asset equipment data, outstanding and historical work order data, and process incoming and outgoing inventory parts across all m1Encompass modules.

Barcode Generation

Customers are provided with the flexibility to produce barcode labels on-demand or have our team generate a comprehensive batch of labels for all relevant m1Encompass items.

Barcode Implementation

MaintenanceFirst can assist with the onsite generation and application of barcodes, ensuring a quick and successful implementation.

Labels That Last

It's important to choose labels that will last for the lifetime of your assets. Labels should be able to withstand frequent use, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and harsh outdoor elements. When assessing your needs, we prioritize labels that resist fading and exposure to:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • UV rays
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Harsh chemicals and cleaners

Investing in a durable labeling system is a proactive step toward the stability of your data entry and prosperous asset management practices.


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